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Penn State Journal of International Affairs Spring 2013 Issue 2 Volume 2

Argentina’s Plan Patria Grande and its Implications for United States Immigration Policyy – Benjamin Hemenqay, University of Virginia

This paper elucidates the 2006 Argentine immigration policy, El Plan Patria Grande, contextualizing it with the histories and policies of immigration in Argentina and the United States. Despite the similarities in immigration trends and composition within each respective country, this paper clearly explains how the renowned Argentinian immigration policy would not presently mend the broken American immigration system because of the domestic politics in the U.S. It explicates the major differences between the current immigration policies of each country, citing problems such as American political polarization, a deficient public and political focus of immigration as a human rights issue in the U.S., and a large disparity in the number of immigrants coming to each country as reasons for why the Argentine policy could not feasibly be implemented in the United States.