Patrick Boynton is a junior Schreyer Honors scholar and Paterno Fellow majoring in International Politics and Geography. In prior semesters, he has interned with the International Center for the Study of Terrorism and the US Army War College. Patrick has been studying E.U. Macroregional Policy in Geneva, Switzerland this fall, and he awaits his full-time return to the Journal staff in spring 2013. At any given time, you can find Patrick volunteering with Springfield THON, training for his second 26.2 miler, or catching up on his reading list. He hoards Apple products. His email is patrick@psujia.org.

Peter Gorman is a senior Schreyer Honors scholar and Paterno Fellow perusing degrees in Geography and Political Science with a minor in International Studies. While at Penn State he has done research on militarism’s effect on local populations and spent Spring 2011 studying at the Center for European Studies in Maastricht, Netherlands. He has also tutored residents of Centre County and Penn State athletes through the Morgan Academic Support Center for Student-Athletes. After graduation Peter is interning with National Geographic in Washington, DC. He has an avid interest in backpacking, community building and travel and can be reached at peter@psujia.org.

Harrison Rogers is a senior majoring in Economics and International Politics. He has a profound interest in issues surrounding U.S. energy security, and recently spent a semester at the University of Oxford studying global oil and gas investment. Harrison has also built experience in government through his internships with State Senator Chuck McIlhinney (PA-10), Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick (PA-8), and the U.S. Department of State. This fall, Harrison is excited to join PriceWaterhouseCoopers working as a Federal Management Consultant in Washington D.C. In the future, Harrison would like to buy a boat and sail around the world. His email address is harrison@psujia.org.

Michelle Sarver is a Master’s student at the Penn State School of International Affairs. Her studies focus on the Middle East as well as peace and conflict studies. She complemented her studies with Arabic language immersion in Amman, Jordan during the summer of 2012. In addition, she works as a research assistant to SIA faculty member, Ambassador Richard Butler AC, Distinguished Scholar of International Peace and Security. Michelle graduated from Bloomsburg University with dual degrees in Political Science and Mass Communication (Journalism). She attended the Engalitcheff Institute on Comparative Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University during the summer of 2009 and worked at the NAAEE as a legislative intern. She can be reached at Michelle@psujia.org.


Marlow Bryant is an undergraduate freshman in the Smeal College of Business majoring in Enterprise Risk Management with minors in Economics and International Business. Outside his contributions to the Penn State Journal of International Affairs, he serves as the Administrative Chair for the Professional Management Association, a Smeal interest group dedicated to promoting managerial and leadership skills through philanthropy and community outreach. His interests in international business and economics are reflected in his active participation with the Penn State Debate Society and with the International Affairs and Debate Association, competing at the undergraduate level in events such as Model UN and Parliamentary Debate. His email address is marlow@psujia.org.

Brian Gardner is a Master of International Affairs candidate in the Penn State University School of International Affairs. His concentration focuses on areas of national security and intelligence, with additional emphasis on cultural and social psychology. After interning with the US Army War College in Spring 2012, he accepted a graduate assistantship with the Penn State College of Information Sciences and Technology where he works in the NC2IF Center. Brian also works within the Penn State Library System and as a research assistant for SIA faculty member Dr. Sophia McClennen. Besides these three positions, he spends the remainder of his time of school studies and Russian and Spanish language studies. Brian graduated from Penn State University in 2005 with a B.A. in Journalism. His email address is briang@psujia.org.

Casey Hilland is a second year Master’s student at the Penn State School of International Affairs here he concentrates on security studies. He is also a research assistant at the International Center for the Study of Terrorism where he contributes to research focused on understanding the radicalization of terrorists. He has also interned for the US Army War College Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Program. In his free time Casey enjoys watching the sports teams of his alma mater, the University of Oregon, and trying to read everything in his Google Reader. His email address is casey@psujia.org.

Benjamin Rogers  is a sophomore majoring in International Politics and Economics, and minoring in Russian Area Studies. This past summer, Benjamin has interned on Capitol Hill with US Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. There, he researched a wide variety of policy areas regarding agriculture, financial services, foreign affairs, and the environment. He looks forward to further studying the Russian language at the St. Petersburg State University in Russia next school year. He keeps himself busy by representing different interest groups and delegations with the University Model UN Team, and organizing its annual high school conference. His email address is benjamin@psujia.org.

Brian Shiue is a sophomore Schreyer Honors College scholar and Paterno Fellow double majoring in Political Science and history. At Penn State, Brian serves on the executive board of the PSU Mock Trial Association and the Globe SLO- a global affairs centered living options within Simmons Hall. His particular academic focus revolves around the American judiciary and is currently trying to find a part of the international relations world to focus on. This summer he plans to intern in Washington DC either in litigation or a think tank. In his free time, he enjoys listening to Taylor Swift, swimming, and participating in THON through Springfield. His email address is brian@psujia.org.

Suzanne Zakaria is a junior Schreyer Honors Scholar studying International Politics. She has interned with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, DC where she researched the BRIC countries. In Fall 2012 she studied abroad in Spain and awaits returning to Penn State and this Journal in the Spring. She has a great interest in Middle East studies and has represented Penn State nationally through Mock Trail. Her email address is suzanne@psujia.org.


Ellie Skrzat is a junior painting BFA candidate in the Schreyer Honors College. Ellie is the Vice President of and performer with Penn State’s Full Ammo Improv Troupe. She also writes and illustrates for Onward State. Ellie enjoys breakfast, the New York Times daily crossword, and rap music. Sometimes all at once. You can view Ellie’s art at cargocollective.com/EllieSkrzat or reach her at ejs5303@gmail.com.